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 Welcome to Bombbad, the Best of Mind and Body by Alan and Debbie. By joining our personalized fitness and business development program, you  will have an opportunity to learn the skills to improve both your health and your business.

 Depending upon your goals, needs and current fitness level,  we will design an exercise program to assist you in losing weight,  strengthening your muscles, and increasing your cardiovascular efficiency. Your lifestyle and diet will be assessed and reasonable changes will be suggested to help you enjoy a lifetime of healthful living and eating.

 As your personal Coach, Alan will give you that extra push that you need to help you reach your goals. Alan will work with you to enhance your  marketing skills and improve your business.

 Two parts of your business take priority:

 Prospecting: Alan will personally design a Game Plan to insure that you make appointments with High Net Worth prospects.

 Referrals: The key is good referrals from the A List. Alan will design a program to utilize your best clients as great sources of referrals.

 By joining the Bombbad program, you really will find the best of your mind and body.


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