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Coach Woodruff

Improving Your Athletic Performance

Coaching Programs

 Beginning Runners Program

Have you tried to begin a running program but found yourself injured, too sore to continue or simply unmotivated? The Beginning Runners Training Program can help get you started on a lifetime of running & fitness.

The Beginning Runners Training Program is a four month program that begins with a series of run/walk workouts and builds up to running an entire 5K race of your choice.

Intermediate/Advanced Athletes

If you’ve reached a plateau in your training, if you feel unmotivated, bored or if you want to reach your full potential, the Intermediate/Advanced Program is right for you.

The Intermediate/Advanced Training Program is a minimum two month program that will improve your performance by challenging both your mind and body with exciting, innovative training strategies.

Event Training Program

Whether you are training for a specific 5K or 10K race, a triathlon, or have a marathon or half-marathon in your plans, the Event Training Program will help you reach your goal feeling prepared, strong and injury free.

The Event Training Program is a minimum two month program (depending on your race date). Your plan will include workouts designed specifically for your goal race and training that will help to generate your best possible effort.

Whether you are across town or across the country, the Coach Woodruff Program will work for you!  All the benefits of each program are available to participants in the Distance Training Program.  Remember, whatever your goal or fitness level, your plan will be designed specifically for you.

Program Benefits

Included in all programs is a personalized written training plan detailing each athlete’s workouts for each day of the week. Also included is the initial consultation and health assessment, three personal phone calls per week and unlimited email.

Runners have the option of attending a once a week supervised group workout. Two personal coaching sessions are included, with additional one-on-one sessions available.

Additional Programs/Extras


Personal Coaching Sessions


Sports Conditioning Programs


Golf Conditioning Program


Youth Training Programs

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