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The Program

“Bombbad Starter Program”

Two Month Commitment—

Your Personalized Fitness Program Includes:

Lifestyle & Nutrition Analysis

Progressive Fat Burning Cardiovascular Exercise Plan

Healthy Eating Plan

Muscle Strengthening Plan

Motivational E-Mails

“Open” Phone Line: We always take your calls

Personal Calls: Coach Alan calls 5 times per week to motivate, review your workouts and inspire you, Debbie will call as needed to update your diet and exercise plans.

 “Bombbad Extension Program”

Four Month Commitment—

Your Fitness/Marketing Program Includes All of the above PLUS:

Prospecting Strategies: How to get in front of “Type A” prospects ahead of your competition.

          Referral Techniques: How to get your top 50 clients supply you with three good referrals per year.


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